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Terms and Conditions.

  • What is Expedia® Rewards?

    Expedia Rewards is a free rewards program available exclusively to Expedia customers. When you book eligible travel on Expedia—which includes hotels, flights, vacation packages, and more—you'll earn Expedia Points to use toward travel rewards.

  • What happened to ThankYou® Rewards?

    Expedia is no longer a sponsor of the Citi ThankYou® Rewards Network, so you are not able to earn ThankYou Points solely by booking travel on Expedia.com. We have started our own travel rewards program for Expedia customers—Expedia Rewards. For more information, read our FAQ on ThankYou.

  • How much does it cost to join Expedia Rewards?

    It is free to join—there are no membership or enrollment fees.

  • Do I have to be 18 years or older to earn Expedia Points?

    Yes. Expedia Rewards Members must be 18 or older.

  • Do I have to be a U.S. resident to earn Expedia Points?

    No, but you must have an account on Expedia.com. Only travel booked on Expedia.com is eligible for Expedia Points.

  • How do I join Expedia Rewards?

    If you already have an Expedia account, simply sign in to "My Account", and click "Join" on the Account Overview page. If you don't already have an Expedia account, you'll be able to join Expedia Rewards when creating your new Expedia account.

  • What is the difference between Expedia Rewards and Expedia Business Rewards?

    Expedia Rewards is a free rewards program available exclusively to individual Expedia customers. Expedia Rewards members can earn points when booking hotels, flights, vacation packages, and more— on Expedia, which can be used toward travel rewards.

    Expedia Business Rewards is a free program exclusively for Ink® from Chase businesses, that choose to book their travel on Expedia.com. Expedia Business Rewards consolidates all employee travel in one place, and rewards the company on its employee's business travel, no matter how frequently they book. This easy-to-use program helps to save money by earning rewards that benefit the whole company.
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  • How do I earn Expedia Points on Expedia?

    To earn points, you must be signed in to your Expedia Rewards-enrolled Expedia Account prior to booking. You'll earn 1 Expedia Point per $2 spent on flights booked on Expedia.com, 1 point per $1 spent on hotels, and activities, and flight + car rental combinations booked via the vacation packages tab, and 2 points per $1 spent on vacation packages that include a hotel. Special offers will help you accelerate your point earnings.

  • What travel items don't qualify for Expedia Points?

    Standalone car rentals and cruises don't qualify for Expedia Points.

  • Did I earn Expedia Points on my last trip?

    If you were signed into an enrolled Expedia account when you made your qualifying booking—flights, hotels, vacation packages, or activities—you earned Expedia Points for your travel. Please keep in mind that it takes 30 days after you complete your travel for Expedia Points to become available for redemption. Prior to that time, Points will show as pending and cannot be redeemed.

  • I enrolled in Expedia Rewards after I booked my trip. Can I still earn points for that trip?

    No. You must be enrolled in Expedia Rewards prior to booking your eligible travel in order to earn Expedia Points on your trip.

  • How do I see the number of Expedia Points I will earn for a trip?

    The number of Expedia Points a trip will earn is displayed on the "Billing and Delivery" page prior to booking, as well as on the confirmation page and your itinerary. After you've booked, you can view the number of pending Expedia Points on your Rewards Summary within "My Account."

    Note that some partner- or supplier-specific bonus offers will not appear as pending Expedia Points on your Rewards Summary, and will only appear once in "Available" status 4-6 weeks after travel is complete. Check the bonus point offer terms and conditions for details.

  • How can I maximize the number of Expedia Points I earn for a booking?

    The easiest way to maximize your Expedia Point earnings is to consolidate all of your travel with Expedia. To get the most from Expedia Rewards, be sure to regularly check the special offers on your Rewards Summary page within "My Account." Here you'll find the latest Extras and Exclusives just for you—including a variety of bonus point offers. Many of these offers require advance registration, so be sure to check this out before you book.

  • Can I earn points when I book travel for someone else on Expedia.com?

    Yes. Earning is associated with your enrolled Expedia account. So you can earn Expedia Points for booking eligible travel for other people when signed in to your enrolled Expedia account, even when you don't travel with them.

  • Are there other ways to earn Expedia Points besides booking on Expedia?

    At this time, Expedia Points can only be earned on Expedia.com.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Expedia Points I can earn on Expedia?

    No, there is no maximum amount of Expedia Points that can be earned. The more you book on Expedia.com, the higher your point balance will grow.

  • How does Expedia Rewards work with my frequent flier program?

    You'll continue to accrue miles in any airline loyalty program that you're enrolled in, in addition to earning Expedia Points when you book a qualifying flight on Expedia.com. So, Expedia Rewards Members can earn Expedia Points while they also accrue frequent flier program miles for the same qualifying flight booked on Expedia.com.

  • Do my points expire?

    Your Expedia Points will not expire as long as you book and complete qualifying travel on Expedia.com or redeem Expedia Points for a travel reward at least once every 18 months. Qualifying travel includes any travel items that are eligible for earning Expedia Points. All Expedia Points in your account will expire if there is no qualifying purchase or redemption activity for a period of 18 months.

  • I thought I was earning bonus points for the trip I just booked. Why are the bonus points not showing up as "pending" on my statement?

    Bonus points for certain Expedia Rewards bonus offers—such as partner offers or offers for a limited group of hotels or airlines—will not appear as pending on your statement. Bonus points for those offers will be posted to your account as "Available" points within 4–6 weeks after travel is complete. Check the terms and conditions for the bonus offer to verify point posting timelines.

  • Can Expedia Points be earned by multiple travelers on the same itinerary?

    No. Only the Expedia Rewards Member making the eligible booking may earn Expedia Points for an itinerary, regardless of the number of travelers.

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